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Collide (2016)

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  • Director: Eran Creevy
  • Writers: F. Scott Frazier, Eran Creevy
  • Stars: Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Marwan Kenzari, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Christian Rubeck, Erdal Yildiz, Clemens Schick, Johnny Palmiero, Ben Hecker, Joachim Krl, Markus Klauk, Michael Epp, Christina Hecke
  • Release Date: August 04, 2016
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Run Time: 1h 39min

The action thriller masterpiece directed by Eran Creevy seemed to please majority of its viewers. It is shot in Germany, hence raising a huge budget. The movie is mainly based upon the consequences faced by a young American couple living in Germany where a drug deal turns sour.
Casey Stein, played by Nicholas Hoult, works for a drug dealer in the city of Cologne falls and in love with a fellow American who’s a bartender, Juliette Marne, played by Felicity Jones. As soon as the couple moves in after getting together, they are revealed of Juliette’s rare condition which has caused her kidney to stop functioning and her only way to survive was to get a transplant from the US as she’s an American. Casey had promised Juliette that he will do anything in his capacity to get her cured. So he approaches the drug dealer he used to work for and gets a job to hijack a truck loaded with drugs which belonged to the biggest drug lord in all of Germany, Hagen Kahl (played by Anthony Hopkins). Soon afterwards, Casey devises a plan to get the job done with his partner but fails miserably. This calls upon his doom and Juliette’s survival is sheerly dependent on his fate.
The name for the movie, Collide compliments the whole movie right from its beginning where a high-speed collision between a car and a troller is shown. A need-for-speed or Fast and Furious inspired car chase on the autobahn is also shown in the trailers, which had successfully created a pre-release hype. Casey is seen to possess a gentle personality with a low degree of masculinity which might be proclaimed as the base requirement for this particular character. He cannot be seen handling guns or ammunition effectively let alone professionally which was a dire need of the role he had been playing. However, there is an undue credit that he clearly deserves, which is his showoff spree of his driving skills. The classic thriller really comes to life when Casey is seen struggling in the movie, all just to save the love of his life. The whole scenario of chaos in the movie is an accurate depiction of the old saying “Quick money always results in a big trouble!”.
It is a fact that Collide was able to amuse and satisfy the hunger for action among masses. It had created a name for itself in the industry for it features the two maestros as crazy rival gangsters and no other Hollywood productions had done it before. Collide is an excellent blend of cinematic expertise and exquisite stunt scenario executions with much appreciated behind-the-lens work. One of the many reasons Collide made some business was the inevitable fact that the two veteran actors had come together in one movie but that couldn’t do much as their abilities weren’t put to work efficiently. The viewer’s would certainly love to watch Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley, come together and sculpt out an amazing masterpiece.


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