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Kung-Fu Yoga (2017)

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  • Director: Stanley Tong
  • Writers: Stanley Tong
  • Stars: Jackie Chan, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur, Aarif Rahman, Sonu Sood, Yixing Zhang, Eric Tsang, Miya Muqi, Sajjad Delafrooz, Fatih Ugurlu, Damian Mavis, Tomer Oz, Najmeddin AlHadad, Guoli Zhang, Joel Adrian
  • Release Date: January 28, 2017
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
  • Run Time: 1h 47min

The theme of the Kung Fu Yoga is that two educators collaborate to find a lost treasure and set out on a journey that takes them from a Tibetan ice to Dubai and from Dubai to a mountain sanctuary in India. Jack is an archaeology professor and his group is on a stupendous journey in order to find a lost antiquated Indian treasure. The group is trapped by a group of mercenaries. Utilizing his tremendous learning of history, Jack led his group on a race to beat the team of mercenaries and spare their old culture.
Kung Fu Yoga is an adventurous movie composed and coordinated by Stanley Tong. Jack is a famous educator of archaic exploration at the Terracotta Warriors Museum, collaborated with Indian teacher Ashmita, in order to find Magadha treasure in Tibet. With the help of modern technology they find the treasure which is located underneath a lake. They are hindered by mercenaries‘s group who takes the treasure. Ashmita’s and Jack’s group figure out how to escape from the frosty sinkhole.
After two weeks, the carat jewel antique flies up in Dubai for sell-offs in the bootleg market. To save his employment, Jack endeavors to reclaim the curio with the assistance of a rich companion. Jack wins the sale however Randall hits again with his goons. Jack follows Ashmita and discovers that she is the member of Magadha sovereignty. Ashmita clarifies the precious stone antique is known as the “Eye of Shiva” and stone belongs to her family.
He requests Jack to help her to locate the genuine treasure and shield it from wrong hands. They discover the precious stone is a piece of ancient rarity that opens a guide room. Randall hijack Jack and Ashmita, requests to discover the treasure. They all together discover the guide room which sends him to baffle room. In a baffle room a wrong move can cost lives. They reach to an underground Shiva sanctuary which is made of gold that is close-by a confined waterfall. Randall’s team member’s collet jewels and precious stones from the sanctuary, finally they discover the treasure. Randall tries to demolish everything, Jack, Ashmita and their group stir up some dust to stop them. In the interim, a gathering of Sannyasis descends through the new opening over the ground and by observing the graciousness of the god in underground sanctuary, they begin to sing and dance.
Kung-Fu Yoga star Jackie Chan has excited millions people over the globe by showing his brilliant mastery over the movie. Role of Indian princesses is played by AmyraDastur who takes the help of the teacher to locate the treasure that belongs to their family. Kung Fu Yoga has a plot that is outstanding. The film uses witty dialogue. The producers’ endeavors in setting up a plot which makes movie yawn worthy. The movie highlights the Rajasthan area which is located in India. The flavors of Rajasthan and rope tricks are added in the movie which makes movie exceptional.