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Lovesick (2014)

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  • Director: Luke Matheny
  • Writers: Dean Young
  • Stars: Matt LeBlanc, Ali Larter, Ashley Williams, Chevy Chase, Kristen Johnston, Rachael Harris, Adam Rodriguez, Jennifer Rhodes, Kate Gorney, Debra Garrett, Connie Sawyer, Elizabeth Ho, Louise Griffiths, Raymond Ochoa, Rebecca Naomi Jones
  • Release Date: April 24, 2014
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Run Time: 100 min

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Movies usually paint a very grand, clean and amazing picture for the emotion of love but in reality falling in love is a very frightening experience. Lovesick seeks to cure the Bollywood of its delusion of love by portraying the raw reality of love in an entertaining and comic way. Directed by Luke Matheny and starring Matt Leblanc and Ali Larter. The movie lovesick follows Charlie Darby (Matt Leblanc) who is living a perfect life with a great job, family and friends the only thing that he lacks is true love in his life because of his manic nature when he falls in love. The movie Lovesick explores themes of love and sacrifice. Movie tells us about how love changes us and we must overcome that change. Now Charlie must overcome his nervous nature to ensure that he gets the life of his life. The movie is shot beautifully with great camera work and equally beautiful performance by the actors. It is also unique to see how Matt Leblanc translates the character over himself with his unique flavor of acting the characters shine. Movie goers must try this funny and amazing movie with all the star studded cast, a unique storyline and beautiful acting the movie has all the ingredients to make it a perfect recipe of entertainment that the movie lovers should not miss. Lovesick sates all the senses and keeps you entertained throughout without a dull moment. A unique combo that shines and exceeds all expectation of movie lovers.

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