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Safe Haven (2013)

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  • Director: Lasse Hallström
  • Writers: Leslie Bohem (screenplay), Dana Stevens (screenplay)
  • Stars: Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, Cobie Smulders
  • Release Date: February 2013
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Run Time: 115 min



Safe Haven is romance drama movie directed by Lasse Hallstrom. The plot of the movie moves around a mysterious woman Katie who appears in a small town of the North Carolina. Beautiful yet strong Katie is holding herself back from making any personal tie in the town. However, fate makes her fall for a widowed and father of two, Alex who is also a store owner. With the small but effective motivations from her friend Jo, Katie develops an emotional bond with Alex’s family. Just when, Katie thought life is getting back to normal, someone from her past shows looking for her. The dark secret of her past terrifies her and puts her in a position where she needs to choose between her past & her present.


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