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Toy Story 3

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  • Director: Lee Unkrich
  • Writers: John Lasseter (story), Andrew Stanton (story)
  • Stars: om Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack
  • Release Date: June 2010
  • Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
  • Run Time: 103 min





Perfect fun for children is even greater for adults

One more time Toy Story is here. The third part is coming back on the big screen. I enjoyed watching Andy’s toys making a plan to escape. Once you take a look over some of Toy Story parts you will realize that even if you are not a child, you will be glad to watch, as this is a funny story made for all ages.

With main toys, that have been donated from Andy to daycare as he needs to move to college, Woody and Buzz had such a good time. Just like a real humans, those toys are able to enjoy their lives and they perfectly know if the surrounding can meet their requirements. As that was not the case with Sunshine Daycare Centre, they decided they must run away.

The basic theme of this movie is retiring. Andy’s toys are desperate as it was the time when he doesn’t need them anymore. They didn’t want to feel like just used pieces that are no longer wanted. They thought that it was still not time to go to the garbage and their feelings were hurt. Other toys were happy about this fact because they expected to play with other new toys.

As I have been expecting, there is a happy end after all. Kids should be happy about this fact as after so many troubles our heroes are the real winners. But also adults can be satisfied as the main message of this story is to never give up, even if you are in a time of retirement. This kind of story made me learn some very important things about life and this is why I liked it so much. Movies for kids are sometimes caring and very unique messages, and even if children are not able to understand that, they will remember how they should react when they grow up.

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