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Cop Out

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  • Director: Kevin Smith
  • Writers: Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen
  • Stars: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and Juan Carlos Hernández
  • Release Date: March 2010
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
  • Run Time: 107 min

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The famous American comedy that was released in the year of 2010 is based on a story of two friends that happen to be working together as police officers. The movie has been directed by the very funny and talented Kevin Smith and it has been written by the famous Cullen brothers named Robb and Mark Cullen. The cast of the movie consists of Bruce Willis, Kevin Pollak, Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott, who have done proper judgment to their assigned roles. As it has been stated before that the plot of this movie revolves around two NYPD and veteran partners (the roles have been played by Morgan and Willis) and the story begins when they have to look for baseball card that is in mint condition and is quite rare due to its value. The card has been stolen by a bloodthirsty gangster who has a thing for collecting valuable items and memorabilia. As both of the cops are trying to take the card away from him, things are about to get even messier. Both of the cops have been working for the department of NYPD for over nineteen years and as they fought vicious criminals together, their friendship has grown more and more. Now both of them are facing family problems and by the looks of everything, they are not handling things very well. Plus, they have been suspended from their jobs for not bringing peace in the neighborhood and beating up a minor in the process. Jimmy, who is one of the cops (the role has been played by Bruce Willis) is bound to pay for his daughter’s wedding that is about to take place shortly, but without a job and a convenient bank balance, he is unable to do so. Now, he must find a way to overcome this issue, without bringing the hopes down by his daughter. On the other side Paul the other cop (the role has been played by Tracy Morgan), is suspected that his wife is cheating on him with their next door neighbor, but that might not be the case and both of the characters are bound to realize that by the end of this movie.

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