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Dinner for Schmucks

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  • Director: Jay Roach
  • Writers: David Guion (screenplay), Michael Handelman (screenplay)
  • Stars: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Stephanie Szostak
  • Release Date: July 2010
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Run Time: 114 min




Takes One To Know One.

The film was incredibly funny! I admit i didn’t expect much, because, there were too many dumb comedies out there that were way too overrated, but Dinner For Schmucks made me cough from laughter.

The interesting thing about this movie is that if you go through the reviews, half of them hate it & half of them love it. It’s no surprise.. i mean there must be a review like mine on the stupid overrated comedies i hated.

Even though The 40 Year Old Virgin was one of the worst, not funny( 1 or 2 giggles in 2 long hours of stupidity) overrated comedies i have ever seen, Steve Carrell is one of very few actors who can really act funny & for me , Dinner For Schmucks was his best work since The Office

Paul Rudd always brings this nice warm feeling into a film. The only reason why i watched DFS is because i wanted to see these two actors collaborate

It’s a beautifully funny movie! Well played & well made!



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