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Just Wright

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  • Director: Sanaa Hamri
  • Writers: Michael Elliot
  • Stars: Queen Latifah, Common and Paula Patton
  • Release Date: May 2010
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Run Time: 100 min




Just Wright is the 2010 American romantic comedy film starring Queen Latifah and Common and Paula Patton. The movie is directed my Sanaa Hamri.
The plot of movie revolves around Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) who is a physical therapist and die-hard basket ball fan. She lives with her god-sister Morgan ( Paula Patton). One day after a game Leslie helps a star player, Scott McKnight (Common) at a gas station and later on Leslie and Morgan goes to Scott’s birthday Party where Scott falls for Morgan and later proposes her.
At a game, scott gets terribly injured and Leslie moves into Scott’s and Morgan place to look after Scott. Meanwhile there are rumors that Scott will not recover from the injury and this is the end of his career which causes Morgan to leave Scott through a letter. Because of Morgan gone, Scott becomes very disappointed and sad and loses all hope to recover either. Leslie encourages him and helps him get back in the game and this leads to Scott winning the game, The two then plan to spend an evening together after which Morgan shows up and Leslie realizes that she is not meant to be with him and thus leaves, a year later, they realize that they love each other and thus Leslie and Scott get married.




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