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Lottery Ticket

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  • Director: Erik White
  • Writers: Abdul Williams (screenplay), Erik White (story)
  • Stars: Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson and Naturi Naughton
  • Release Date: August 2010
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Run Time: 99 min




Winning is just the beginning. Surviving is another story.

The film contains very few humour and many stereotypical situations but the lead characters played by Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, and Naturi Naughton were likable enough to prevent this film from being a disaster. Though its very clichéd and typical. You have the lead protagonist Kevin (Bow Wow) whose the straight man and does the right thing, the joker but likable wisecracking best friend (Brandon T. Jackson), and the female friend whom happens to like the lead (Naturi Naughton). The film isn’t that bad but its just predictable. It has its funny and good moments, which are mostly in the beginning and some of the chase scenes towards the end but not enough. The film starts off pretty interesting but seems to drag in its second half.

Even though Kevin was likable the writers didn’t make him very smart. In the film he wins the lottery ticket leaving in the hood yet he keeps in the ticket with him in his wallet pocket while knowing that people are after him (specifically an ex-con Lorenzo). There’s one questionable scene at the end involving a public fight with Kevin and Lorenzo, its being viewed by most of the hood yet everyone is just there watching Lorenzo knock Kevin down a few times and no one breaks up the fight, until eventually. The film isn’t all that bad as the rating shows (its currently at 2.5), and the end shows a good message and pretty good ending to the movie (even if it is slightly predictable).



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