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  • Director: Robert Heath
  • Writers: Barrie Keeffe
  • Stars: Ralph Brown, Clint Dyer and Anjela Lauren Smith
  • Release Date: May 2010
  • Genre: Drama
  • Run Time: 91 min

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1979 Election Night. For One Man The Vote Is Already In.

With the election looming, ’80s anti-fascist demonstrations back in the news and controversy over stop-and-search still raging, the release of Sus’ is auspicious. Based on Barrie Keefe’s 1979 stage play, this claustrophobic, intense three-hander was inspired by the late ’70s law that gave police officers the right to detain on suspicion anyone they saw fit, usually young black men. Betraying its theatrical origins, the film takes place in a single police interview room on election night, as thuggish Thatcherite cops Karn (Ralph Brown) and Wilby (Rafe Spall) attempt, by any means, to extract a confession from unemployed labourer Delroy (Clint Dyer) following the unexplained death of his wife. It’s morally one-sided and the dialogue and acting tends towards the mannered and overblown Spall in particular comes off like a Fast Show’ bad-cop parody at times. But overall this is a well structured, emotionally rigorous piece of filmmaking, and a timely reminder of the dangers of unchecked police power

*Sus is a timely and dynamic piece of filmmaking from Rob Heath and is complimented by the acting performances of Clint Dyer, Ralph Brown and Rafe Spall who demand attention from the 1st minute of the film to the very last. Similar to Michael Caines performance in the film Harry Brown, Sus reeks of authenticity, a realness about the British society and the moral fabric which truly exists whether it be 1979 or 2010. A film for our times indeed.

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